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How to Pick

  • Please stay on assigned row. Someone will be available to help you.
  • Look under leaves of each plant to find the berries.¬†Some of the best berries like to hide in the leaves.
  • Every red berry, large or small, is ripe and needs to be picked, so please pick all the ripe berries on your row.
    This helps the plants to continue to produce berries and not get rotten from over ripe berries.
  • Gently pinch or pull the stem about one-inch from berry on the plant.
  • Try to leave the cap on the berry until you are ready to rinse and eat it. This helps them last longer and keeps in the juice.
  • Please do not cross rows to get that big juicy berry over there. There are some on your row.
  • Please keep children from stepping on rows and plants.¬†Also, make sure they are picking only good, ripe strawberries.
  • The flowers will turn into strawberries soon, so please do not let children pick the pretty blooms.
  • If you find a berry that is showing rot or sunburn please remove it from the plant and place it between the rows behind you.
  • Watch your step, rows can be uneven.
  • Once you are finished, please let someone working at the patch know where you finished picking so we can direct the next customer to a good picking area.

See you soon!